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Member code of conduct (Applicable to all Members and Staff)

Zone Martial Arts is a community that respects people’s differences and offers a safe training environment for all members. We base our Code of Conduct on Our Values which are at the core of everything we do at the club. 


  • Learn something new and share something new every day

  • Have an open mind, be respectful and show compassion Inspire others through your passion!

  • Focus on what you CAN do first!

  • Strive to grow and develop!

  • Draw on inner strength, learn from and overcome your fears.

  • Remember: Fun, Safe then Martial Arts!

  • Be the best that YOU can be!

Our Zone Martial Arts staff, like you, deserve a safe workplace free from verbal abuse, racism and sexism – any display of poor behaviour will result in immediate expulsion from the club and the cancellation policy taking effect. 

  • At all times, members, carers and Instructors must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others as well as all programs we run at Zone Martial Arts  

  • Instructors must use appropriate language towards students, focusing on Our Values and the safe and respectful training environment of the club.  

  • Members should train in a way that shows respect for all property within the training venue and the venue itself. 

  • Keep hands and feet off the walls and mirrors. 

  • At no time engage in horseplay in the training areas or in the club. 

  • Unnecessary roughness, inappropriate language, or display of ill-temper are not acceptable in the club. 

  • No drinks or food, including chewing gum, are allowed on the training areas. 

  • No one under the influence of alcohol or a prohibited substance will be permitted to train. 

  • No smoking inside the training location.  

In addition to our Code of Conduct, we ask that all members adhere to our expectations around appropriate behaviour in the club. 

  • Show respect to our Instructors. 

  • Please address Instructors with their titles. Our Instructors have worked hard to achieve their rank and it is important that this be acknowledged. 

  • Instructions by Instructors and senior-ranked students should be followed. 

  • All students are encouraged to receive feedback as it is intended, as a tool for improvement. 

  • The permission of the Instructor should be sought before leaving the mats during training. 

  • Prompt attendance is expected. If you are unavoidably late, wait at the edge of the mat for acknowledgement from the Instructor before joining the class. 

  • Instructors may refuse entry to a class if your late participation would be unsafe or disruptive to the class.  

  • Show respect to other members 

  • Always observe mat etiquette in the training area, including bowing and wearing an approved uniform when training.  

  • When sparring and training students are to be careful not to make contact through neglect or carelessness. Contact due to carelessness is a serious offence. 

  • Use appropriate language (avoid swearing) 

  • Avoid putting your hands on your hips or leaning against walls during class. [Some ‘old school’ martial arts practices are still important!] 

  • If not participating in a class, we ask that members and carers do not interfere in any way with classes in progress.  

  • Every program we run has a different focus and style (that’s why we love having them in the Club), please respect these differences and the members and Instructors who train in each of our programs.   

Information & Communication

  • Providing false or misleading information as part of our membership process is not acceptable (e.g. fake phone numbers, email addresses, or payment details).

  • Slander or Libel of Instructors, Members and/or the club is not appreciated. Please think before you type or speak negatively. 

Any questions on the code of conduct, please contact us

Suspension and Injury Policy

Reasons for Suspension:

Zone Martial Arts offers suspension of membership only where it relates to the following conditions:

  • Injury, Illness or Medical Procedure

  • Work-related travel

Injury Related Suspension:

For injury or illness you MUST request your membership suspension as soon as possible after you have received medical advice that you are unfit to train. Evidence (e.g. medical certificate) is required. Should a member request suspension for injury or ilness that is longer than eight weeks our cancellation process will commence at the end of that eight week period. Normal cancellation conditions will apply.

Work Related Travel Suspensions:

For suspension for work-related travel, you MUST request the suspension in writing no less than two weeks in advance of the hold period. Minimum suspension is one week. Evidence is required.

Promotional or Upfront payment plans:

Members on an upfront or special promotion membership are not eligible to suspend your membership due to the discounts covering any missed training.

Pandemic/Quarantine suspensions:

Memberships will not be suspended due to quarantine requirements – unless evidence of injury or illness is provided (see above).

Cancellations during suspension:

Should you decide to cancel your membership during a period of suspension, the suspension period will cease and the cancellaiton process will commence, with the 30-day notice of cancallation effection from the date the Cancellation Form is received. Membership payments will be reactived during the Cancellation Period. Please contact us should you wish to discuss.

IMPORTANT – How membership rates are calculated

Your membership rate is calculated based on a full 12-month period of training, taking into account public holidays and periods of closure. Your membership rate is then broken down into a regular equal payment schedule chosen by you (weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

Cancellation Policy

30-Day Notice From First Written Request:

To cancel your membership you will need to complete our Cancellation Form . This will serve as your 30-day written cancellation notice as required by our membership terms and conditions.

  • Cancellation requests made verbally or via email, SMS, or Facebook messages will not be accepted.

  • Your cancellation will only be actioned upon receipt of our official Cancellation Form.

  • Pandemic/Epidemic Impact: Our 30-day notice period will not be waived due to a Health Directive as other digital training solutions will be provided.

Only 1 cancellation form per member/family per year.

Subsequent cancellation forms will incur a $50 administration fee.

Full Rate Payments during Cancellation Period:

  • If you have a scheduled payment within the 30-day notice period, the payment will be processed in full as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable.

  • Important – Any payment made during the notice period will be paid in full as per the agreed payment schedule – the system will adjust to pro-rata payments on the last payment. However, you are welcome to adjust your cancellation date to reflect your payment frequency in advance.

Please Note

You are always welcome to return to the club. If you reactivate your membership in the future (and we hope you do) your membership rate will be the rate in effect at the time of reactivation, and not your previous rate, as membership rates are subject to change.

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